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​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Leicester SQL Server User Group, home to the East Midlands PASS Chapter.

​​​We meet three times a year, in February, June, and October. Our meetings generally consist of two sessions with a break in the middle, and a swift half at the Barley Mow afterwards.

​Our venue is the Percy Barrett room  at the YMCA on East Street in Leicester, obliquely opposite the train station. 

​The usual timetable is as follows:

​6:15 - 6:30​Welcome, Announcements, Discussion
​6:30 - 7:30​Session 1
​7:30 - 7:45​Samosas
​7:45 - 8:45​Session 2
​8:45 - ​​Pub

If you want to speak at a​n event, or have any other question, you can get in touch through the contact form on this site.​

In addition to support from Microsoft and PASS, we have great giveaways from Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer and IT Training and O'Reilly Media​ at every event - you'll need to register and come along to find out more about these!​


October 2014 Meeting Featuring Stuart Moore and Damien O'Connor15/10/2014Register Here

Stuart Moore: Transaction Log Basics

Every SQL DBA has at least 5 transaction logs that they need to take care of. But what exactly is going on inside that file? Why can it be a performance issue? Is it really that important? And why does it keep filling my disks when I'm not looking?

This session will answer all of those questions. We'll be looking at how SQL Server relies on it's transaction, best practices that will keep it performing properly and explaining why it's so vital to your databases and your job to keep is safe!

Stuart has been working with SQL Server since 1998 and version 7, splitting the years between roles as a DBA and a Developer

​Damien O'Connor: SSMS Tips & Tricks

How many of us use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) day-to-day?  How well do you really know it?  In this session all about tools,we'll explore some of the hidden gems in SSMS (and some other SQL Server tools), and hopefully find ways to make our day-to-day job as developers and DBAs easier.

Damien is a senior DBA / developer for Capgemini and has been working with SQL Server for 15+ years.  He specialises in a few things such as perf. tuning, tools and techniques, and XML with SQL Server.  He can sometimes be seen loitering around MSDN newsgroup SQL Server and XML and dba.stackexchange where he trades as wBob.